Cautions about Experiment of Isotope Labeled

Isotope LabeledSummary


The radionuclide and their compounds used in isotope labeled method have the same natures and chemical features with the respective common elements and their compounds. However, they have different nuclear physics properties.



In this post, we mainly introduce the detailed experiment of isotope labeled method, although every experiment has to be prepared before is starts.

1.Selecting the radioisotope dose

Isotope should have the ability to be diluted. Generally speaking, radioisotope cannot be diluted totally. They will remain in some issues, organs and some cells. And the remaining isotopes will have the strong radiation. So we should determine the radioisotope dose according to the amount of remaining isotopes in some cells.

2.Selecting the way to mark

During the mark experiment, we should choose the easy-to-absorbed and easy-to-operated way to mark according to the goal of experiments. Commonly, we select the small number and the accurate dose in order to avoid the damage and contamination. In vitro experiments mark, we have to add some does to the system in order to be sure accurate process.

3.Preparation of radioactive biological samples

Preparing the radioactive biological samples, we should be corresponding to the purpose of the experiment and the nature of radioisotope labeling marks, which are the main foundation of preparation of biological samples. There are many kinds methods, which can be used in this method. However, whatever kind of methods you choose, you have to deal with samples with the quantitative collection.

4.Measuring the radioactive sample

This method has two detection methods: absolute measurement and relative measurement. The first one is to detect the radioactive intensity of samples in order to figure out the actual decay rate of labeled isotopes. And there are many factors affecting the measurement results, such as, solid angle, the count of probability, inverse scattering, self-absorption of radioactive sources and so on. And the relative measurement is mainly focusing on detecting the radioactive intensity on one detection equipment.

There are four cautions about the detailed experiment of isotope labeled. Of course, four cautions are also the steps of this experiment.

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