Sequencing technologies, including next-generation sequencing and long-read sequencing, have made a major impact on cancer research. These technologies enable high-throughput whole genome, transcriptome and epigenome sequencing, allowing the characterization of the human genome from different perspectives in a short time and at low cost. In particular, it has greatly aided cancer research and allowed the analysis of tumor genomics.

Background of Cancer Sequencing

Cancer Gene Sequencing Various entry points to study cancer can be practiced through sequencing technologies, represented by whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, and methylation sequencing. Whole genome sequencing allows the characterization and identification of DNA or RNA sequences of individual, homogeneous, or heterogeneous groups of cancer cells. Cancer sequencing also includes exome, transcriptome, and end-sequence profiling. These methods can be used to quantify gene expression, elucidate gene regulation, and identify alternative splicing events in addition to sequence data. Epigenome sequencing, mainly targeting the DNA methylation and histone modifications, provides an opportunity to study how regulatory elements in tumorigenesis evolve.

Sequencing technologies are versatile tools for cancer and oncogenesis research. Next-generation sequencing and long sequencing (PacBio SMRT and Oxford Nanopore platforms) are steadily evolving as costs decrease and have become routine for cancer research.

Cancer Gene Sequencing Service Provided by Creative Proteomics

Cancer sequencing can be widely used in tumorigenesis research as well as developing cancer treatment methods. Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive sequencing services to meet your needs in cancer-related research. We offer technical schemes from targeted region sequencing to genome-wide sequencing. Equipped with cutting-edge platforms and adopted apid and efficient workflow, our team with extensive experience are available to satisfy diverse sequencing requirements. At the same time, our in-depth bioinformatics analysis service can help you to maximize the use of sequencing data, to achieve satisfactory results.

Key features and advantages

Platforms for cancer sequencing Multiple platforms to address different needs
Compatible with a wide range of samples
Various targets including exome, transcriptome, epigenome as well as whole genome
Professional platform for bioinformatics analysis
Extensive experience in cancer sequencing service
Rapid and efficient workflow
Equitable price

Main services

Using the latest next-generation sequencing and long-read sequencing technology, Creative Proteomics provides:

  • Comprehensive analysis of cancer cells, tissues and biofluids
  • Cancer whole genome sequencing (WGS)
  • Cancer whole exome sequencing (WES)
  • Amplicon and hybridization-based targeted sequencing for cancer
  • Cancer metagenomics analysis
  • Large-scale sequencing for cancer
  • Cancer whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS)
  • Cancer immune repertoire sequencing (Rep-seq)
  • Cancer epigenomics analysis
  • Germline/ somatic mutation analysis


cancer sequencing workflow

Bioinformatics Analysis

Analysis ContentsDetails
Gene expressionTo quantify expression levels of genes in disease and normal conditions. To reveal potential key regulators of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) or co-regulated genes.
Predict biological effectPredict novel genes by analyzing different cancers.
Indels variant analysisIndel detection from DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq data
Structural variationGenomic rearrangement, delete or reorder chromosomal profiling from single genes to entire chromosomes
Single nucleotide variationGenome-wide SNVs interpretations, including coding and non-coding regions
Copy number variationProfile CNVs of certain genes that are involved in development and progression of cancers
Epigenome variationDNA modification analysis, RNA modification analysis, histone modification analysis, and more
Data visualizationData visualization provides an accessible way to see and understand cancer gene

Our Advantages

Creative Proteomics is one of the most trusted companies provide cancer research solutions, we are dedicated to providing the best strategies for your research. With state-of-the-art instrumentations, we provide fast and reliable sequencing services. For additional information and other services that we provide, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the next research breakthrough.

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1. Kasaian K, Li YY, Jones SJ. Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics. InCancer Genomics. 2014. Academic Press.

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