Oncology Big Data Platform

Big data of oncology medicine has shown extremely broad application prospects in clinical research, new drug development, early detection and other fields, and has become one of the important engines driving the development of oncology precision medicine. We adhere to and implement a big data strategy, establish a tumor gene big data platform, and promote the storage, integration, analysis, and application of tumor medical data.

Creative Proteomics tumor gene big data is based on genetic, mutation, immune, infection and other multi-dimensional digital tumor information, integrates and cleans clinical diagnosis and treatment information and follow-up information, and provides real-world tumor data for later data mining. Currently, hundreds of thousands of clinical and scientific samples have been aggregated and structured to store genetic variation information, clinical interpretation information, clinical diagnosis and treatment information, and follow-up information. Launched the Jiyun platform cloud information analysis tool, which can provide one-stop service for data analysis management and storage.

Oncology Big Data Platform

Our Advantage

Mature and reliable Oncology big data platform: rich project experience, participate in major projects, and publish high-level cooperation results.

The analysis contents and methods based on high-quality data analysis, pre-research and verification are indeed mature and feasible.

Oncology Big Data Platform

Creative Proteomics leads a rich team that uses the most rigorous experimental solutions and internationally recognized experimental techniques for Oncology big data platform to obtain your customized information. Use the most accurate experimental results to help you better carry out tumor-related scientific research.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the next research breakthrough.

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