Analysis of Tumor Origin

The discussion of tumor origin and tumor evolution is also one of the hot spots of tumor genome research. The theory of origin of tumorigenesis mainly has some proposed theories, which can be analyzed and discussed by using big data of tumor genome. Stem cell differentiation produces some premises and mature cell populations. Based on the academic research on the origin of tumors, the following views on the theory of tumorigenesis have been produced: clonal theory, tumor stem cell theory, based on the above two comprehensive origins (first generate tumor stem cells in stem cells, and then differentiate Mutant tumor cells are subsequently produced).We have highly qualified researchers and an experienced team to provide you with personalized experimental solutions related to discussion on the origin of tumors and the evolution of tumors. With the most accurate experimental results, you can better carry out scientific research related to cancer.

Research Method

Non-coding regulatory miRNA molecules play a role in development and the inheritance and progression of some cancers. Because of their high tissue specificity, miRNAs are a useful tool for tracking the origin of metastatic cancers.

Experimental process: miRNA probe chip analysis; miRNA expression in tumor tissues and metastatic tumor samples; establishing classifiers for miRNA data; quantitative RT-PCR analysis; effectively tracking the origin of most unknown cancer sources.

Analysis of Tumor Origin

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Analysis of Tumor Origin

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