Establishment of Living Tumor Cell Bank

For a long time, culturing tissue cells in vitro and constructing preclinical models have been important research methods in the field of biomedicine. Cell models can not only help scientists better understand the molecular mechanisms and causes of diseases, but also assist drug discovery and the development of new therapies. Conditional Reprogramming technology is the only system known in the world that can cultivate normal cells and diseased cells without restriction, while retaining the genotype and phenotype of cancer cells, and completely retaining the characteristics of cancer cells, which is helpful for cancer models construct.

I-CR tumor primary cell culture technology based on CR principle

Accumulated a large amount of data through a large number of stability tests, Creative Proteomics has created a very accurate "i-CR tumor primary cell culture technology platform" detection solution to help customers achieve efficient research at a lower cost and build various cancer species. Generation of cell banks, accurate pharmacological analysis and efficacy testing, development of personalized therapies, and new cancer research.

Establishment of Living Tumor Cell Bank

Purpose and Use

Long-term preservation can keep tumor cell viability and can be expanded in vitro

Can be used for various pathological tests and genetic tests

Can be used for tumor drug susceptibility testing at the cell level to optimize drug regimen

Can be used for tumor drug sensitivity tests in various mouse models

Establishment of Living Tumor Cell Bank

Creative Proteomics leads a rich team that uses the most rigorous experimental solutions and internationally recognized Establishment of Living Tumor Cell Bank to obtain your customized information. Use the most accurate experimental results to help you better carry out tumor-related scientific research.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the next research breakthrough.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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