Tumor Gene Silencing Research

Tumor Gene Silencing Research

Figure 1. Overview of RNA interference. (By wikipedia )

The RNA interference (RNAi) phenomenon is an evolutionarily conserved defense mechanism against invasion by transgenes or foreign viruses. After double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) containing the homologous complementary sequence of the transcription product mRNA of the target gene is introduced into the cell, the mRNA can be specifically degraded, resulting in a corresponding loss of functional phenotype. RNAi provides an economical, fast and efficient technique for inhibiting the expression of specific genes, helps to study the role of the gene in biological model systems, is an important tool for studying gene functions, and has gradually become a viral disease, heredity A method of gene therapy research for diseases and tumors. The commonly used RNA interference methods are: microRNA (miRNA), siRNA (small interfering RNA) and shRNA.

siRNA preparation methods generally include: chemically synthesized siRNA, mammalian cell vector shRNA clones and lentiviral vector shRNA clones.

The shRNA plasmid constructed by mammalian cells was directly transfected or transfected with virus packaging, and the transfected cells were positively identified and cultured with the cell line, and finally the specific knockdown of specific genes was achieved.

Tumor Gene Silencing Research

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Mature and reliable Tumor Gene Silencing Research platform: rich project experience, participate in major projects, and publish high-level cooperation results.

The analysis contents and methods based on high-quality data analysis, pre-research and verification are indeed mature and feasible.

Tumor Gene Silencing Research

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