Creative Proteomics is a contract research organization that is committed to providing oncology multi-omics research services and personalized custom oncology research services for researchers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, and cancer research. With advanced instruments and professional oncology experts, we integrate our unique technology and large biological database to fully meet your needs for oncology research. With a continued focus on quality, we are proud to meet the needs of customers in more than 50 countries and regions.


Professional platform and excellent team. Our platform is equipped with advanced instruments including NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS / MS, HPLC-UV / FD, etc. We have talented and trained scientists from all continents who work closely with worldwide customers to develop tumor-related research programs.

Committed to quality. Quality is our priority. We continuously improve quality to provide services for industry use and research and support high-quality results and outstanding customer support.

World-class service capabilities. From a study proposal to the final report, we can provide a solution for your research. Working with us is easy and convenient.

World-class service capabilities. We can provide a one-stop service for your research and design a personalized research plan according to different research purposes.

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"Our project is a very complex study that requires a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy. Honestly, we are surprised by the technical expertise and professional platform in Creative Proteomics. They did provide us with the best data to meet our needs." -Who, Organization

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