Tumor Target Metabolic Flux Research

13C or 15N labeled tumor target metabolic flux analysis can systematically quantify the flux distribution of metabolic networks and the relative contributions of specific metabolic pathways in tumor cells or tissues. Its advantage is that it can use the mass isotopes of metabolites in tumor cells. The information analysis method can not only directly indicate the overall trend of metabolic flow in many cases, but also accurately and quantitatively reveal the activities of various metabolic reactions in tumor cells through calculation, as well as deep understanding of multiple complex reactions such as parallel reactions and reversible reactions. Intracellular metabolism, reveals the major active pathways in the cell, the relative contributions of each pathway, and the characteristics of their distribution changes, so as to identify the early diagnostic markers and key main metabolic pathways of the relevant disease occurrence and development process.

Tumor Target Metabolic Flux Research

Technical advantages

Mature technology and high sensitivity;

The professional data analysis team processed the raw data through software such as Matlab flux-8, and performed PCA, histogram, heat map, Bi-plot and other analysis.

Technical Parameters

Tumor Target Metabolic Flux Research

Our advantage

Mature and reliable experimental analysis platform of Tumor target metabolic flux Research: rich project experience, participation in major projects, high-level cooperation results published.

Based on high-quality data analysis, pre-research and verification of the contents and methods of analysis, it is indeed mature and feasible.

Tumor Target Metabolic Flux Research

Creative Proteomics leads a rich team that uses the most rigorous experimental solutions and internationally recognized Tumor target metabolic flux Research to obtain your customized information. Use the most accurate experimental results to help you better carry out tumor-related scientific research.

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