Creative Proteomics fully integrates the company's core technologies in non-coding RNA (lncRNA, circRNA, small RNA, etc.), epigenetics, and proteomics, relying on its excellent R & D, technology, and service teams, relying on internationally leading technology platforms and high-tech The standard quality control system has formed a one-stop technology platform covering various research fields such as epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Creative Proteomics is a high-tech company specializing in providing leading-edge research technology services in life sciences. With its excellent team and leading technology, we can customize omics research for you to help you better research oncology and other fields. Please believe us, The next future is you.

Our services include:

Proteomics Service: Protein Gel and Imaging, Protein ldentification, Protein Quantification, Protein Post, Translational Modification Analysis, Top Down Proteomics, Peptidomics Analysis, Protein-Protein Interaction Networks, Subcellular Proteomics, and so on.

Metabolomics Service: Untargeted Metabolomics, Targeted Metabolomics, Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA), Unknown Metabolites ldentification, Xenobiotic Metabolites Analysis, Untargeted Lipidomics, Targeted Lipidomics, Exosome Llpidomics, MALDI-Imaging Lipidomics.

Transcriptomics Service: Gene Chip Technology Services, RNA Sequencing, LC-MS, tRNA Sequencing, tRF&tiRNA Sequencing

microRNA Sequencing, Ribo seq, PCR Chip Technology Service, PCR Technology Services.

Peptide Characterization: Peptide Purity Analysis, Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Analysis.

Bioinformatics Service: Bioinformatics for Proteomics, Bioinformatics for Metabolomics, Bioinformatics for Protein.

Other Services: Composition Analysis, Flow Cytometry Service, De Novo Peptides/Proteins Sequencing, Peptide Mapping, De Novo Antibody Sequencin, Amino Acid Analysis (AAA), Host Cell Protein Analysis, Bioanalysis of DNA Methylations, Residual DNA Testing, Ames Test, Identification of Bacterial Strains.

Tumor Multi-Omics Services

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