Transcriptomics Topics

Transcriptomics is a discipline that studies the transcription of genes in cells and the regulation of transcription at the overall level. In short, transcriptomics is the study of gene expression at the RNA level. The transcriptome is the sum of all RNA that can be transcribed by a living cell. It is an important means to study the phenotype and function of cells. Through the combined analysis of tumor transcriptomics, it can detect the overall tumor transcription activity, provide more accurate digital signals, higher detection throughput, and a wider detection range. It is a powerful tool to deeply study the complexity of the transcriptome. Transcriptome sequencing technology based on high-throughput sequencing platforms can comprehensively obtain transcript information of species-specific tissues or organs, thereby conducting gene expression level research, new transcript discovery research, and transcript structure variation research.

Creative Proteomics provides negative regulation analysis of miRNA transcriptomics, correlation analysis of ceRNA expression and regulation, correlation analysis of miRNA, mRNA and degradation groups, and combined sequencing of full transcriptomes, diverse technology platforms, mature technical experience, and rich data Analysis, to comprehensively assist your oncology research.

Transcriptomics Topics

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Mature and reliable experimental analysis platform of Transcriptomics Topics: rich project experience, participation in major projects, high-level cooperation results published.

Based on high-quality data analysis, pre-research and verification of the contents and methods of analysis, it is indeed mature and feasible.

Transcriptomics Topics

Creative Proteomics leads a rich team that uses the most rigorous experimental solutions and internationally recognized Transcriptomics Topics to obtain your customized information. Use the most accurate experimental results to help you better carry out tumor-related scientific research.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the next research breakthrough.

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