Peptide Mass Fingerprinting

Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) is an analytical  technique for identifying unknown protein. Proteins to be identified is first  digested into peptides, whose absolute mass can be accurately analyzed by a  mass spectrometer, such as MALDI-TOF or ESI-TOF. MALDI is more preferred in PMF  analysis, as it has a wide sequence coverage and can analyze a large amount of  sample at the same time. The peptide mass are compared to database containing  the theoretical peptide masses of all known protein sequences. The match with  the highest score was considered to be the identity of the unknown protein. As  only the masses of peptide, not the exact sequence of peptides, are measured, there  can some interference to the mass match. For example, post-translational  modification results in up-shift of the peptide mass, and contamination of  other protein also affect the accuracy of the analysis. Therefore, large  portion of post-translational modifications and high contamination of other proteins  should be eliminated before the analysis. Creative Proteomics provides Peptide  Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) analysis and ions searching against database for  rapid identification of proteins.

Peptide Mass Fingerprinting(PMF)

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