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IPA Service

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) is web-based software for the analysis, integration and interpretation of data obtained from omics experiments, such as proteomics, RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, microarrays including miRNA and SNP, metabolomics, and small scale experiments. IPA is one of the best functional analysis and knowledge discovery tool. It has been widely used by the life science community. Powerful analysis and search tools reveal the importance of data and identify novel targets or potential biomarkers within the context of biological systems. 

IPA Service

Advantages of IPA

  • Easy and flexible collaboration and results sharing.
  • Up-to-date high quality knowledgebase manually curate by scientists
  • Search for targeted information on genes, proteins, chemicals, or drugs
  • Direct import of gene lists from microarray analysis software such as PGS.
  • Extensive knowledge database on model organisms, such as human, mouse, rat and canine.

Main applications of IPA

  • Compare affected pathways and phenotypes across multiple testing conditions
  • Predict the activation and inhibition of upstream transcription factors
  • Quickly obtain knowledge on genes and chemicals
  • Identify potential biological impacts of custom networks
  • Dynamically build and explore bio-molecule interaction networks supported by literature findings
  • Generate testable hypothesis for your genes of interest
  • Identify the most relevant molecular networks, signaling and metabolic pathways, and biological functions for list of genes

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