New Semester Promotion 2017

New Semester Promotion

New Semester Promotion

Up to 20% discount for below services

• Featured Proteomics Services

• Protein identification
• Protein post-translational modification analysis
• Protein quantification analysis:AQUA, SILAC, iTRAQ, SRM/MRM
• Amino Acid Analysis
• MALDI-MS imaging for tissue peptide markers

• Featured Metabolomics Services

• Untargeted Metabolomics
• Targeted Metabolomics:Polyphenols, NTPs, Sugars, TCA cycles, One carbon-metabolism
• Untargeted Lipidomics
• Targeted Lipidomics
• Xenobiotic Metabolites Analysis
• Amino Acid Composition Analysis

• Featured Bioinformatics Service

• Bioinformatics for Proteomics
> Functional Annotation Analysis: GO, KEGG Annotation, Domain Annotation
> Functional enrichment Analysis: GO, KEGG Enrichment, Domain Enrichment
> Cluster Analysis: hierarchical clustering, K-means clustering, STEM analysis
> Network analysis: protein-protein interaction, IPA analysis, co-expression network
> Subcellular localization
• Bioinformatics for Metabolomics
> Univariate analysis: fold change analysis,T-test analysis, ANOVA, correlation analysis,SAM service, volcano plot
> Multivariate analysis: PCA, PLS-DA, OPLS-DA
> Clustering analysis: heatmap service, K-means service, SOM service
> Identification of potential biomarkers
> Correlation network of differential metabolites
• Bioinformatics for Proteins
> Protein site prediction: signal peptide prediction, protein motif prediction, ligand binding site prediction, transmembrane prediction
> Protein structure prediction: homology modeling, molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation, secondary structure prediction, structure features analysis
> Protein evolution Analysis: sequence-based analysis, structure-based analysis, genome-based analysis

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