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CPST004853'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt (synthetic)INQUIRY
CPST004833'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt from human milkINQUIRY
CPST004866'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt (synthetic)INQUIRY
CPST004846'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt, from human milkINQUIRY
CPST00478Protected 3'-α-Sialylgalactose [Protected NeuAc α(2→3)-D-Gal]INQUIRY
CPST00481Protected 3'-α-Sialyllactose [Protected NeuAc α(2→3)-D-Gal-β(1→4)-D-Glc]INQUIRY
CPST00477Protected 6-α-Sialylgalactose [Protected NeuAc α(2→6)-D-Gal]INQUIRY
CPST00480Protected 6'-α-Sialyllactose [Protected NeuAc α(2→6)-D-Gal-β(1→4)-D-Glc]INQUIRY
CPST00479Protected 6'-β-Sialylgalactose [Protected NeuAc β(2→6)-D-Gal]INQUIRY
CPST00482Protected 6'-β-Sialyllactose [Protected NeuAc β(2→6)-D-Gal-β(1→4)-D-Glc]INQUIRY
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