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CPST00628Allitol, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00627Allitol, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00624D-Allose, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00623D-Allose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00626D-Altrose, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00625D-Altrose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00630D-Iditol, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00629D-Iditol, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00610D-Psicose, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00641D-Psicose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00616D-Sorbose, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00615D-Sorbose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00620D-Tagatose, ≧98%INQUIRY
CPST00619D-Tagatose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00634D-Talitol, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00633D-Talitol, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00614L-Fructose, ≧98%INQUIRY
CPST00613L-Fructose, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
CPST00632L-Iditol, ≧99%INQUIRY
CPST00631L-Iditol, ≧99.5%INQUIRY
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