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CPWBA053alloerythro-Isoxsuprine-13C6 HClINQUIRY
CPWBA029Bambuterol hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA032Bambuterol-D9 hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA001Brombuterol hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA002Bromchlorbuterol hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA056Carbuterol acetate hydrateINQUIRY
CPWBA059Carbuterol-D9 acetate hydrateINQUIRY
CPWBA036Clenbuterol-D6 hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA007Clenbuterol-D9 hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA009Clencyclohexerol hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA010Clenhexerol hydrochlorideINQUIRY

Beta agonists (Beta-adrenoceptor agonists) are medicines that can relax muscles of the cardiac and smooth muscle tissues. They also play important roles in other tissues, especially bronchial smooth muscle, the liver and kidneys. They are a group of sympathomimetic agents which can bind to beta adrenoceptors. In general, pure beta-adrenergic agonists perform the opposite function of beta blockers. Beta adrenoreceptor agonist ligands mimic the action of epinephrine and norepinephrine signaling in the heart, lungs and smooth muscle tissue. The enzyme, adenylate cyclase, can be activated by activation of β1, β2 and β3. This in turn leads to the activation of the secondary messenger cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), cAMP then activates Protein Kinase A (PKA) which phosphorylates target proteins ultimately inducing smooth muscle relaxation and contraction of the cardiac tissue.

As a supplier of isotope labeled products in the industry, Creative Proteomics offers more than 10,000 products labeled with different isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Creative Proteomics supplies stable isotope labeled and unlabeled beta-agonists such as Bambuterol-D9 hydrochloride, Clenproperol-D7, Cimaterol-D7, Salbutamol-D9 acetate and Tulobuterol-D9 hydrochloride. Custom synthesis of isotope labeled beta-agonists is also available to meet our customers’ research needs.

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