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CPWBA0705-Hydroxymebendazole RMEBINQUIRY
CPWBA067Albendazole sulfoneINQUIRY
CPWBA068Albendazole sulfoxide RicobendazoleINQUIRY
CPWBA066Albendazole-2-aminosulfone hydrochlorideINQUIRY
CPWBA073Fenbendazole sulfoneINQUIRY
CPWBA095Hydroxyfenbendazole hydrateINQUIRY
CPWBA096Hydroxyfenbendazole-D3 hydrateINQUIRY
CPWBA069Mebendazole-amine HMEBINQUIRY

Anthelmintics are medications that are used to treat parasitic worms and other internal parasites from the living body by either paralyzing or killing them and without causing considerable damage to the host. Anthelmintics need to be selectively toxic to the parasite. This can be achieved either by inhibiting biological processes that are critical to the parasite but not critical to or absent in the host, or by inherent pharmacokinetic properties of the anthelmintic that results in the parasite to be exposed to higher concentrations of the medication than that of the host cells. Anthelmintics are usually used to treat people who are infected by helminths, a condition called helminthiasis. Flukicides refers to any substance that destroys fluke worms. These drugs are also used to treat infected animals.

As a supplier of isotope labeled products in the industry, Creative Proteomics offers more than 10,000 products labeled with different isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Creative Proteomics supplies stable isotope labeled and unlabeled anthelmintics/flukicides such as Flubendazole, Luxabendazole, Hydroxyflubendazole, Carbendazim-D3, Clorsulon-13C6 and Praziquantel-D11. Custom synthesis of isotope labeled anthelmintics/flukicides is also available to meet our customers’ research needs.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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