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CAPRIN1 UnLabeled Peptide MS Standard


Product Description

NameCAPRIN1 UnLabeled Peptide MS Standard
SynonymsCell cycle-associated protein 1, Cytoplasmic activation- and proliferation-associated protein 1, GPI-anchored membrane protein 1, GPI-anchored protein p137, Membrane component chromosome 11 surface marker 1, RNA granule protein 15
Uniprot IDQ14444
Protein NameCaprin-1
DescriptionHuman CAPRIN1 C13 and N15 (Arg and Lys) Stable Isotope Labeled Peptide standards for MS research. Creative Proteomics Isotope Labeled MS Peptide are designed and optimized to provide the best mass spec performance for your Mass Spec assay.
Amino Acid before* contains stable isotope labeling with all carbons 13C and all nitrogens 15N

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