PDZD3 Fragment MS Protein Standard


Product Description

NamePDZD3 Fragment MS Protein Standard
SynonymsIntestinal and kidney-enriched PDZ protein, Natrium-phosphate cotransporter IIa C-terminal-associated protein 2, PDZ domain-containing protein 2, PDZ domain-containing protein 3, Sodium-hydrogen exchanger regulatory factor 4
Uniprot IDQ86UT5
Protein NameNa(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF4
DescriptionPDZD3 Fragment MS Protein Standard, is a protein fragment containing a 50-150 amino acid sequence identical to part of a human PDZD3 protein target. The fragment MS Protein Standard represents a new category of using heavy isotope labeled (15N, 13C) Lysine and Arginine residues resulting in more than 99% isotope incorporation, as internal MS standards offering distinct advantages to existing products for relative and absolute quantification.

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