Organochlorines Residue Testing Service

The use of organochlorines is essential in agricultural production. The organochlorines applied to agricultural products are partly attached to crops and partly scattered in the soil, atmosphere and water environment. Some of the organochlorine pesticides that are scattered in the environment are absorbed by crops. The application of organochlorines is directly or indirectly residual in grains, vegetables, fruits, livestock products, aquatic products, and finally passed to the human body. The organochlorine pollution is a source of pollution which cannot be ignored in modern food industry. It is very important to test organochlorine pesticide residue in agricultural products. Creative Proteomics can provide credible food safety testing and supervision certification services from the beginning to the production, processing, trading, circulation and consumption of agricultural products, and provide effective testing report services for pesticide residue testing.

Organochlorines Residue Testing Service

Figure 1. Organochlorines Residue Testing Service

Organochlorines Residue Testing Service at Creative Proteomics

We can provide the following organochlorines residue testing service, including but not limited to:

Organochlorine pesticides
2Heptachlor epoxide7DDT
3Dieldrin8Benzene hexachloride

Organochlorines Residue Testing Technology Platform

Gas chromatograph testing service. The Creative Proteomics testing technology is equipped with a variety of gas chromatograph detectors, according to the characteristics of organochlorine pesticides to conduct residue testing.

  • Electron capture detector (ECD). ECD is the most commonly used detector for determination of organochlorine in pesticide residue analysis. ECD is widely used in the analysis of trace pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in samples. We have successfully used ECD to test the residues of dicofol, endosulfan, proclonine and its metabolites in soil, leather, Chinese medicine, vegetables and fruits.
  • Mass spectrometry detector (MSD). MSD can be used for both total ion scanning and selective ion scanning for complex samples. We have successfully assisted our customers to determine benzene hexachloride, DDT and its metabolites in pepper powder using MSD. We have issued professional test reports for organochlorine pesticides residue in fish tissues and fruits.
  • Atomic emission detector (AED). AED has many unique properties and application. GC- AED can not only solve the problem of compound separation, but also determine the element composition of various chemical substances immediately.
  • Combination of multiple detectors. Combination of multiple detectors can solve the testing of many complex samples.

SPME-GC testing service. Creative Proteomics can utilize efficient solid phase microextraction (SPME) technology to prepare samples to save time and labor. The service can greatly improve the testing efficiency and rapid test organochlorine pesticide residues.

Thank you for choosing our service of organochlorines residue testing. With advanced technology, excellent service and strong resource support, Creative Proteomics provides accurate and efficient testing service for many industries and products. We have a number of skilled, innovative and dedicated team of technical personnel, conducting direct technical problems docking to save your consultation time. Our organochlorine pesticide residue test technology has clear route, short detection cycle, low price and transparent. If you have any questions, please contact our staff, we will answer and serve you immediately.

* Not intended for personal food safety testing.

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