Nitrofuran and Nitrofuran Metabolites Residue Testing Service

Nitrofuran and nitrofuran metabolites residues in foods of animal origin may affect consumer health. Creative Proteomics provides a platform for the analysis of nitrofuran and nitrofuran metabolites residues, and can customize different detection schemes for you according to different detection purposes.

Nitrofurans are synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs with the basic structure of 5-nitrofuran, mainly including furazolidone, furaltadone, nitrofurazone, nitrofurantoin, etc. It has an effect on most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, certain fungi and protozoa. It has an inhibitory effect on the above-mentioned pathogens under low concentration conditions, and has a killing effect under high concentration conditions. The main mechanism of action is through inhibition of glucose metabolism and ribosomal function. Therefore, the antibiotic has been widely used as an additive in feed and veterinary medicine.

Nitrofuran and Nitrofuran Metabolites Residue Testing Service

Nitrofurans are rapidly metabolized in the body, and their metabolites can be combined with proteins to form protein conjugates that are more stable than the original drug compound. These metabolites can be released from the protein under weakly acidic conditions (such as the acidic conditions of human gastric juice). Therefore, when humans eat foods containing nitrofuran antibiotic residues, these metabolites can be released from the protein under the acidic conditions of human gastric juice and absorbed by the human body, causing harm to human health.

Nitrofuran antibiotics have been proven to have potential toxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity to animals, and their use in livestock has been banned by different countries. The European Union has established a minimum required performance limit (MRPL) of 1 μg/kg for nitrofuran metabolites in poultry meat and aquaculture products. To ensure the safety of animal-derived food and the development of import and export trade, it is necessary to detect nitrofuran or its metabolites in food.

Creative Proteomics has developed rapid detection technologies suitable for nitrofuran and nitrofuran metabolites residue testing service for manufacturers, enterprises, and government organizations. We strictly abide by the quality assurance/quality control plans and regulatory requirements of each country and region to provide you with support. Including but not limited to the following standards and methods: ISO, FDA, AOAC, EU regulations.

Food Nitrofuran and Nitrofuran Metabolites Residue Testing Platform

Nitrofuran antibiotics are sensitive to light and have the characteristics of rapid metabolism. The half-life in animals is only a few hours, and it is usually impossible to detect the residue of the original drug. Therefore, depending on the purpose of testing, we may only identify certain drugs in food through the presence of their metabolites.


Detection of nitrofuran antibiotics original drug compounds. It is suitable for the detection of furazolidone residues in chicken muscle, liver, kidney tissue and fish meat.

  • Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

Chromatography combined with mass spectrometry is currently the best method for detecting and quantifying nitrofuran metabolites. Several nitrofuran antibiotics and their metabolites may remain in animal food at the same time. The use of chromatography and mass spectrometry technology will greatly improve the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of the analysis.

  • Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

On the basis of Raman spectroscopy, with the special optical properties of the surface of nanomaterials, the fingerprint information of material molecules can be obtained. It has the advantages of fast, lossless, low consumption, accurate, etc.

  • Spectrophotometry

It is mainly used to determine furazolidone and other nitrofuran drug additives in animal feed.

Acceptable Samples: Food of animal origin, food products and animal feed.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days.

At Creative Proteomics, our analytical scientists are experienced in nitrofuran and nitrofuran metabolites residue testing. After communicating with you about the testing scheme, we will implement it within a quick turnaround time and provide you with an analysis report. If you have any questions or specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

* Not intended for personal food safety testing.

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