Insecticides Residue Testing Service

Insecticide is one of the most effective methods to control pests. Pesticides have a long history of use, large dosage and many varieties. Most of the residual insecticides are harmful to human health. Insecticides residue testing is an important item of pesticide residue testing. Creative Proteomics can provide customers with a full range of one-stop insecticides testing services and issue a required test report.

Creative Proteomics is specialized in providing customers with professional and efficient testing services for products offered by clients. We can provide testing report issued by a qualified food and drug testing center in accordance with agricultural product regulations and pesticide testing regulations.

Insecticides Residue Testing Service

Figure 1. Insecticides Residue Testing Service

Insecticides Residue Testing Service at Creative Proteomics

We strictly abide by the standards of each country and region to provide you with qualified test reports. Including but not limited to the following standards and methods:

  • ISO
  • FDA
  • AOAC
  • EU regulations

Insecticides Residue Testing Technology Platform

  • Solid-phase microextraction service. Creative Proteomics can use solid-phase microextraction to test the product provided by the customer. The new solid-phase microextraction technology is a new sample pretreatment technology developed on the basis of solid-phase extraction. This technology integrates sampling, extraction, concentration and sample introduction into one. This technology service requires fewer samples and solvents and is easy to automate. The solid-phase microextraction service is in conformity with the green and environmentally-friendly sample pretreatment.
  • QuEChERS-HPLC-MS/MS testing service. Creative Proteomics can utilize efficient QuEChERS technology to prepare samples for simultaneous analysis and determination of various pesticide residues in combination with high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS). The service is fast, simple, accurate and recovery, and suitable for rapid detection and confirmation of insecticides residues.
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing service. Based on antigen antibody reaction and enzyme chemical reaction, Creative Proteomics can detect insecticides residues in customer supplied samples. This service has the characteristics of strong specificity, large sample capacity, simple sample pretreatment and low analysis cost, showing obvious advantages in the rapid screening and detection of large number of samples and field samples.
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing service. This service is characterized by high sensitivity, high specificity and good repeatability. The HPLC quantitative analysis requires relatively high purity of samples. The CRP pesticide detection platform can complete the entire sample treatment process and help customers issue a report on the testing of insecticides residues through HPLC.

Advantages of Our Insecticides Residue Testing Service

  • Rigorous and efficient. Creative Proteomics has high laboratory standards. The project engineers provide one-to-one efficient service.
  • Scientific management system. Creative Proteomics takes management progress as the foundation of development, and constantly innovates in testing service, creating a brand new management mode in the industry, which ensures that every customer can enjoy a full range of high-quality pesticide residue testing services.
  • Successful testing experience. With extensive experience in insecticides residue testing, Creative Proteomics has successfully provided clients with professional test reports. A wealth of practical experience ensures that Creative Proteomics can solve all kinds of problems in the process of serving different customers.

Thank you for choosing our service of insecticides residue testing. Creative Proteomics adheres to the quality policy of fair, scientific, accurate and high quality, and ensures that every sampling and testing step is strictly carried out in accordance with the standards. We ensure the accuracy and authority of testing reports. Creative Proteomics is committed to the professional spirit of excellence, focusing on the testing market, to provide customers with a specific customized testing service. If you have any questions, please contact our staff, we will answer and serve you immediately.

* Not intended for personal food safety testing.

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