Fumigants Residue Testing Service

Fumigant uses the steam that produces when a few medicaments volatilize to poison harmful organisms, which be used to kill insects, bacteria and weed. Fumigants can be applied under closed or nearly closed conditions in order to enter gaseous molecules into the body of harmful organisms and poison. Fumigation technology is widely used because of the need of pest control. The residue of fumigants causes contamination of agricultural products and food and poses a threat to human health, which is the focus of attention of customers. Fumigant testing is an important item in pesticide residue testing. Creative Proteomics can provide customers with professional fumigant residue testing in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Creative Proteomics is specialized in product composition testing, physical and chemical performance testing and other technical services. The project leader serves customers with rigorous and realistic working attitude. Creative Proteomics has perfect fumigant component detection technology service which constantly introduces new service items according to the market demand and optimize the original items. We can customize personalized technical solutions for customers, helping customers solve problems related to fumigant testing.

Fumigants Residue Testing Service

Figure 1. Fumigants Residue Testing Service

Fumigants Residue Testing Service at Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics can provide testing services for common fumigants which include dozens of common types. Creative Proteomics can offer customized fumigant testing programs. According to the type of fumigant required by customer, Creative Proteomics is able to provide professional compliance test report.

The component analysis we can provide includes but not limited to the following:

  • Zyklon. According GB 2763-2019, BS 4317-11-1976, CAC/RCP 73-2013, GB/T 15665-1995 and other laws and regulations, Creative Proteomics may perform zyklon testing service and provide analysis reports.
  • Carbontetrchloride. According GB 2763-2019, ASTM D2685-2011 DL/T 1607-2016 and other laws and regulations, Creative Proteomics may perform carbontetrchloride testing service and provide analysis reports.

Creative Proteomics can provides a variety of fumigant detection services, including Phostoxin, Cyanogas, Carbon disulphide, Chloropicrin, Ernbafurne, EDB, Tritox, Ventox, 1,2-Dichloropropane and DDVP. For detail informations, please contact our customer service staff to provide a more detailed test plan.

Fumigants Residue Testing Technology Platform

We provide accurate and effective analysis methods for fumigants residue testing to meet customer needs.

  • Chromatography. This method can provide qualitative and quantitative results for a large number of components in a complex mixture in one analysis. The most popular method is gas chromatography, which is simple, rapid and sensitive. The detection results have good stability and reproducibility, wide linear range and low cost. The detectors used for detecting fumigant residue include electron capture detector (ECD), flame photometric detector (FPD) and nitrogen and phosphorus detector (NPD).
  • Chemical method. Creative Proteomics can select appropriate chemical method to detect the residue according to the chemical characteristics of different fumigants.

Thank you for choosing our service of fumigants residue testing. Creative Proteomics provides specialized laboratory testing, certification and other related services for agricultural products. With a global network of offices and laboratories, we provide you with an independent, accurate and one-stop pesticide residue testing service. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer and serve you immediately.

* Not intended for personal food safety testing.

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