EpCAM (263-271) MS Grade peptide

Product Description:

NameEpCAM (263-271) MS Grade peptide
SynonymsAdenocarcinoma associated antigen peptide, Adenocarcinoma-associated antigen peptide, Antigen identified by monoclonal peptide AUA1 peptide, AUA1 peptide, CD326 peptide, CD326 antigen peptide, Cell surface glycoprotein Trop 1 peptide, Cell surface glycoprotein Trop 2 peptide, Cell surface glycoprotein Trop-1 peptide, CO 17A peptide, CO17 1A peptide, CO17A peptide, DIAR5 peptide, EGP 2 peptide, EGP peptide, EGP2 peptide, EGP314 peptide, EGP40 peptide, Ep CAM peptide, Ep-CAM peptide, EPCAM peptide, Epithelial cell adhesion molecule peptide, Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule Intracellular Domain (EpCAM-ICD) peptide, Epithelial cell surface antigen peptide, Epithelial cellular adhesion molecule peptide, Epithelial glycoprotein 1 peptide, Epithelial glycoprotein 314 peptide, Epithelial glycoprotein peptide, ESA peptide, GA733 1 peptide, GA733 2 peptide, GA733-2 peptide, gastrointestinal tumor-associated antigen 2, 35-KD glycoprotein peptide, hEGP314 peptide, HNPCC8 peptide, Human epithelial glycoprotein 2 peptide,
DescriptionEpCAM (263-271) peptide
Chemical FormulaC38H70N10O10
Molecular Weight827.04 Da

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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