Water Treatment Chemicals Analysis Service

Water Treatment Chemicals Analysis Service

Water treatment involves the removal of solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds and organic compounds through mechanical, physical, biological, and chemical methods to make water suitable for its application or returning to its natural state. Chemicals are used in the process.

Demand for water treatment chemicals is ever increasing with the economic development and rapid urbanization in emerging countries. Water treatment chemicals are not only used to treat water for cooling, washing, and processing in different applications such as power generation, steel, pulp & paper and petroleum refining, but also used to treat municipal water including drinking and cleaning water. Water may be treated differently depending on the quality of the water needs to be treated and the application of water after being treated.

Below, the different types of water treatment chemicals analyzed at Creative Proteomics are summed up.

Boiler Water Chemicals
Corrosion Inhibitors
Neutralizing Agents
Oxygen Scavengers
PH Conditioners
Resin Cleaners
Scale Inhibitors

Tests and analysis services for water treatment chemicals at Creative Proteomics are as follows.

Compositional Analysis
Deformulation (reverse engineering)
Identification of Unknown Material
Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Industrial System
Product and Process Development
Contract R & D

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