Ceramics Analysis Service

Ceramics Analysis Service

Ceramic materials are inorganic crystalline materials composed of metallic and nonmetallic elements bonded primarily by ionic or covalent bonds. Because of their properties such as brittle, hard, strong, chemically inert, and non-conductors of heat and electricity, they are widely used in mining, aerospace, medicine, refinery, packaging science, electronics and many other industries. The two main categories of ceramics are traditional ceramics used in dishes, roof and wall tiles and advanced ceramics used in medicine and engineering.

Products tested at Creative Proteomics are as follows.

  • Construction Materials: bricks, pipes
  • Earthware: terracotta, pottery, porcelain
  • Engineering Ceramics
  • Refractories
  • Hardness and Wear Resistance: hard surface coating (TiN, WC, diamond)
  • High Temperature: valves, cylinder lining, fire blankets, furnace lining
  • Electro ceramics: insulators, semiconductors, superconductors
  • Optoceramics
  • Advanced Ceramics

Services for ceramics at Creative Proteomics include:

  • Surface Quality Test
  • Lead and Cadmium Release Test
  • Water Absorption Test
  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Hardness of Glaze Test
  • Glossiness Test
  • Whiteness Test
  • Radionuclides Test
  • Impact Resistance Test
  • Resistance to Deep Abrasion
  • Resistance to Surface abrasion
  • Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Moisture Expansion
  • Crazing Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

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