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Allergen is a type of antigens that produces an exaggerated immune system response. Such reactions are called allergies. Food allergies have many symptoms, and some of these can be incredibly severe, including itching of the skin, swelling of the face, acute breathlessness, a sore throat, in extreme circumstances, even death. It is triggered by specific foods such as eggs, milk, and peanuts. It can occur within minutes of consuming a food product. Therefore, allergens must be clearly stated by manufacturers on food labels, showing food source ingredients, additives and possible contamination of products where machinery is used for multiple processes. Failure to do so can lead to financial consequences and serious health problems for the industry and customers.

Various regulations have been made to allergen information throughout the world. European Union (EU) regulation number 1169/2011, which provides food information to consumers, requires labeling and mandatory allergen information. And the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 has been made to regulate allergen information about food by the USA, including all foods: certain egg products, most meats, poultry and the majority of alcoholic beverages.

Allergen Screening & Analysis at Creative Proteomics

At Creative Proteomics, our experts have years of experience in allergen screening and analysis, and we can provide services to test various groups of allergens present in food products

Allergens that can be analyzed at Creative Proteomics
Vegetable allergensCereals containing gluten
Soybeans and products thereof
Celery and products thereof
Lupin and products thereof
Mustard and products thereof
Sesame seeds and products thereof
Peanuts and products thereof
Nuts (e.g. almonds, pistachio nuts, hazelnut, walnut, brazil nuts, cashews, pecan nuts, macadamia or Queensland nuts)
Animal allergensMilk and products thereof (including lactose)
Eggs and products thereof
Crustaceans and products thereof
Molluscs and products thereof
Fish and products thereof
Pseudo allergensSulphur dioxide

With our professional platform, we can provide sophisticated analysis technologies for robust detection and quantification of food allergens in a variety of complex food matrices, including but not limited to:

Our Advantages

With our professional platform, we can provide various information about allergens. Our experienced scientists and advanced techniques enable us to deliver consistent and high-quality data with cost-efficiency. And we are the perfect partner for your business to help you mitigate risk and ensure the highest possible quality of your food product through our allergen test services. We look forward to cooperating with you.

1. Sindher S, et al. Analysis of a Large Standardized Food Challenge Data Set to Determine Predictors of Positive Outcome across Multiple Allergens. Front Immunol. 2018. 27 (9): 2689.

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