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Urotensin II , human, MS Grade Peptide


Product Description

NameUrotensin II , human, MS Grade Peptide
Molecular Weight1388.6
Chemical FormulaC64H85N13O18S2
DescriptionUrotensin II is a vasoactive 'somatostatin-like' cyclic peptide which was originally isolated from fish spinal cords, and which has recently been cloned from man. The potency of vasoconstriction of U-II is an order of magnitude greater than that of endothelin-I, making human U-II the most potent mammalian vasoconstrictor identified so far. Moreover, as urotensin II immunoreactivity was also located within central nervous system and endocrine tissues, it may have many additional properties. HumanVII was revealed to be an agonist for the orphan receptor GPR14 and exerta a strong vasoconstrictor identified so far.

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